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Teknoconvey has a big application experiance base for the chemical industry for pneumatic conveying. Chemical industry is large, pneumatic conveying opportunities typically pose unique challenges to equipment design. Some of the common challenges requiring , corrosion, explosivity,  pH, cross contamination, and toxicity.
We have special pneumatic conveying design for chemical sector’s needs.
The chemical industry is large, pneumatic conveying used from processes such as material handling, milling, screening, mixing, drying dosing.
TeknoConvey  extensive installation list in the chemical industry includes processes such as:

Conveying Mixing and blending powders

Conveying Granulating materials

Conveying Milling and crushing materialsConveying Dryed powders


We have developed expert knowledge of the pneumatic conveying the above processes by providing equipment to manufacturers of, paints, constrcution chemical, plastic chemical food chemicals, agricultural chemicals, petrochemicals, soaps and detergents and many other products.

To describe dense phase conveying in a few words: pneumatic conveying is the simplest way to transport dry bulk materials by using a low cost efficient equipment. The system of a pneumatic conveying system is simple   consists of a pressure vessel that pumps the materials (powders, granules or other dry bulk materials) via  closed horizontal or vertical pipelines by using compressed air to use low velocity, meaning a less wear of the pipelines and your pruducts.
All industry application, TeknoConvey  will be best  conveying partner with you for every step of your project. From engineering to installation for a complete solution for pneumatic danse phase transportations. Providing best engineered and after sells support services for your factory’s for your specific pneumatic bulk material handling. 
Dense phase pressure conveying systems use compressed air at above 1 Barg (0.5 - 0.8 possible dependent on powder and convey line) to push materials from a pressure vessel, transfer unit or pressure pot or vessel through a pipeline to a destination where the air and product are separated by simple small fitler not as lean phase pneumatic conveying system need’s.
We has big  experience in conveying just about every product,  all our customer can rest assured that their bulk material conveying system will provide ideal performance in their request.
We has big  experience in conveying just about every product,  all our customer can rest assured that their bulk material conveying system will provide ideal performance in their request.
Some materials that are not suitable for pneumatic conveying with large particle size, with high bulk density, and the extremely sticky materials, since they tend to build a coating on material contact surfaces and can eventually block the conveying line. It is very important that particles are fine enough and without big lumps the materials must be 90% smaller than 1mm for effective pneumatic conveying , and theconveying materials moisture must be lower than 5-4%.
Pneumatic  Dense Phase for grount handled, bulk bag unloading,  weighed, batched, mixed  bulk materials.
Pneumatic conveying for rail unloading cement .
Flexible and simple and installation can route allmost everywhere in conveying lines 
Free dust process
Max low degradation less than 5-6%
Low maintenance just a few moving parts
Can include automated process
Fast and low cost installation
Completly  guaranteed
Quiet operation
Can be designed to any rate
Safer environment
Cleaner handling space
Reduced manpower
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